Falconer for a day

Enjoy the experience

One day as a falconer in the Eagle Arena at Landskron Castle

Enjoy a first-hand experience with a falconer working with the birds of prey in the Eagle Arena at Landskron Castle. Learn plenty of facts about these fascinating birds. You will be directly involved in the falconer’s daily work and pick up practical basic knowledge of falconry. Eagle flying show with Europe’s unique zoo for birds of prey

Nina Krasny (left) and Franz Schüttelkopf (right) with Gomez © Adler Arena Burg Landskron

Franz Schüttelkopf with Ikarus the European sea eagle © Adler Arena Burg Landskron

Raphael (left) and Franz Schüttelkopf (right) with Kira the kestrel

Gift voucher

Upon request, you can also get a gift voucher for an adventure day as a falconer at the Eagle Arena. The voucher can also be issued directly to the name of the recipient.

Order gift voucher online
Appointments and registration

The indicated dates apply exclusively to workshops in small groups at 190 euros (incl. 20 % VAT.) per participant.

Participation is only possible through prior registration by means of the contact form. Minimum three and maximum six participants per appointment.

Are you a group of a minimum of three people and are you interested in an adventure day as a falconer, in the form of a family workshop for instance? Then please inform us about your desired date. We will do our best to let your dream come true.

More information: info@adlerarena.com

Registration May 19st, 2018

Dieser Termin liegt in der Vergangenheit. Bitte tragen Sie sich bei einem alternativen Termin ein.

Registration 9th June, 2018

Registration 7th July, 2018

Registration 15th August, 2018

Propose date

Mögliche Termine: bis 08.10.2017 / Possible dates: til 08/10/2017
Es sind Minimum 3 und Maximum 6 Teilnehmer möglich / Minimum three and maximum six participants per appointment

8:30am till 1pm

  • Ornithology of birds of prey and owls
  • Theoretical and practical knowledge about falconry
  • Properties of aviaries and keeping of birds
  • Equipment of a falconer
  • Carrying birds of prey
  • Active participation in flight training
  • Participation in an eagle flying show at the Eagle Arena
  • Final discussion and presentation of a certificate
Workshop in small group

190 euros (incl. 20 % VAT)

Individual workshop

Free choice of date within opening hours

Exclusive individual service, in which special topics and interests can best be covered.

Duration: 8:30am till 1pm

450 euros (incl. 20 % VAT)


We recommend that you dress according to weather and wear sturdy shoes. We provide the falconry equipment.

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