Species protection

EEP – European Endangered Species Programme

The species protection programme

Michael Holzfeind (left) and Franz Schüttelkopf (right) with a young black vulture © Adler Arena Burg Landskron

Franz Schüttelkopf mit Europäischem Seeadler Ikarus © Adler Arena Burg Landskron

The ‘Adler Arena auf Burg Landskron’ organisation is a partner of various species protection programmes around the world.

These species protection programmes serve primarily to breed, under human supervision in zoos, species that are in danger of extinction in their natural environment, so that their species are preserved and do not die out.

There is a breeding register coordinator responsible for every endangered bird of prey and owl species. A corresponding reporting system allows that person to collect all information about the birds involved in that project. Thus a central authority has all the important information about successful breeding and can make contact with project partners, and may organise new breeding pairs where appropriate.

If the breeding stock in zoos is sufficiently large, projects can be carried out to reintroduce bred animals to nature, as was successful with the bearded vulture project in the Alps for example. In this context, zoos that are integrated into a species protection programme also fulfil an important task in that they offer endangered species a protected area where they can survive and be preserved for the world’s future. Achieved in circumstances where the survival of a particular species in the wild is not possible due to habitat destruction.