Film, photos & advertisements

Training of birds for film

in the Eagle Arena at Landskron Castle

Our birds of prey and owls are excellent and, most of all, authentic actors for nature films, trailers, feature films and documentaries. Our experienced falconers will also make it possible for actors completely inexperienced with birds of prey to learn the natural handling of birds that’s necessary for films.

You’re looking for a white snowy owl like in “Harry Potter”, or a cheeky raven like the one in “Nanny Mc Phee”, or a majestic golden eagle like in “Brothers of the Wind”? Then you’ve found the right place.

We’re very happy to cater to your wishes and needs and, following an appropriate lead-time, our birds will be able to exhibit their natural behaviour on command. Animal protection is of the utmost importance to us, as well as consideration of animals’ needs and their wellbeing.

NOTE: As of January 1st 2005, the new country-wide Protection of Animals Act is in force. According to § 28, for all film and TV shoots with animals, permission (§ 23) must be requested from the corresponding authorities (district council, municipality) prior to the productions.

Film projects


ORF UNIVERSUM „Die letzten Nomaden“ [The Last Nomads]

Actors: Golden eagle „Alexander der Große“ with falconer Franz Schüttelkopf, writer and director: Gernot Lercher

Gernot Lercher and Franz Schüttelkopf at the presentation of the ORF Universum nature documentary „The Last Nomads“ at Vienna. © Adler Arena



ServusTV produced a report for the television broadcast Servus Krone about the Eagle Arena at Landskron Castle and work with birds of prey.

Editor Birgit, cameraman Michi and falconer Franz with golden eagle Alexander der Großen. ©Adler Arena Burg Landskron


Shoot for sonnenklar.TV

Falconer Ilja with kestrel


Heidi – Abenteuer in den Bergen [adventure in the mountains] – The new show with Ben from KiKA.

Watch all episodes:

Clip from episode "Abenteuer in den Bergen [adventure in the mountains]"


Music video

Rebecca Ferguson “Freedom”

Clip from music video “Freedom”


Ski Jumping World Cup– ORF

Live eagle flight at the opening of the Ski Jumping World Cup in Kulm for promotion of the film “Brothers of the Wind”

Ski Jumping World Cup in Kulm ORF ©Helmut Achatz


Österreich Bild (news)- ORF

How Carinthian lakes can also be used other than for swimming.

Oesterreich Bild news - ORF


Universum – ORF

Ural owl

Ural owl © Jakob Zmoelnig


Music video

Chris KAYE „Verzeih mir“

Clip from the video “Verzeih mir”

2010 – 2015

Feature film “Brothers of the Wind” – Terra Mater – Aetos Pictures

in collaboration with nature film maker and director Otmar Penker

Brothers of the Wind - from december 24th at movie theatres


Universum Dolomites – Kurt Meyer Film

Shoot with golden eagle at Falzarego Pass

Universum Dolomites golden eagle © Michael Rzepa


“Liebe Grüße aus der Region Villach” [kind regards from the Villach region] with Reiner Kirsten – Melodie TV

Reiner Kirsten with eagle. © Adlerarena


Urgewalten [elemental forces] – Rilk Film

Kestrel in the city


Universum – Rilk Film

Ural owl

Ural owl © Jakob Zmoelnig


“Harrys liabste Hütte´n” [Harry’s favourite hut] around Lake Ossiach with Harry Prünster – ORF2


Image video with hawk for Swarovski Optik

With hawk in collaboration with nature film maker and director Otmar Penker

Swarovski image video, Franz Schuettelkopf with hawk


“Na Servus” – Das Wetter! (weather TV) – Servus TV

Falconer Franz Schüttelkopf explains to weather expert Andreas Jäger how the birds use thermal lift.

Andreas Jäger with bald eagle


Die Farben des Südens. Ein Streifzug durch die Region Villach [The colours of the south. Trip through the region around Villach] – 3SAT


Melodien der Berge mit Michael Harles [Melodies of the mountains with Michael Harles] – BR

Michael Harles with eagle. © Adlerarena